Add a Model Release

To add a new model release, tap the + (New Release) button at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Add Release screenshot

Select the type of model release you want to add. Selecting a stock photo company’s release type will display that company’s release text and will require all fields that company requires to be completed before the release can be added. The PDF created from that release will appear on the company’s model release template.

To view the model release agreement, tap the View Release Text button from the Add Release screen. If the release is for a minor, a View Minor Release Text button will also appear.

For the model and witness to sign the release, tap the Sign button in the appropriate section, have the model, witness, or parent/guardian sign in the field, and tap Save Signature. 

To add an optional reference image or headshot, tap the Take Model Headshot button and take a photo using the camera. This photo will appear at the top of the model release detail view, in the list view (if “Show model photos in list” is enabled), and on some release PDF templates.

Recording demonstrating how selecting an existing Shoot fills in Shoot Title, Details, and Location

To add a documentation image, such as a photo of the models’ ID or passport, tap the Take Documentation Photo button and take a photo using the camera. This photo will appear in the model release detail view, and on some release PDF templates. The documentation image is required for model releases for shoots with nudity.

After entering a shoot name and description in a previous release, you will be able to choose from a list of existing shoots when adding new model releases. Tapping on an existing shoot name will enter both the shoot name and shoot description for you.

Once all required fields have been completed, tap the Add Release button at the bottom of the screen to save the entered information and signatures. Once added, the data and signatures cannot be changed.