Snap & Release is the easy way to record, manage, and print model photo release forms.

Add model releases

snap and release screenshot of adding model release

Adding model releases with Snap & Release is a breeze thanks to an easy to use form where you enter model and witness information. The model and witness names and signatures and model date of birth are always required, and there is a setting to require additional fields, such as model contact information.

If a model’s date of birth indicates they are under 18 years old, a parent/guardian information section is shown automatically. Record model, witness, and parent/guardian signatures with the swipe of a finger from within Snap & Release.

There are several optional fields to help you organize and document your model releases. Add details about the photoshoot such as the shoot name, location, a description, and the mediums used. And once you’ve added photoshoot details to one model release, you can autofill those details with just a tap when you create additional photo releases.

Documentation photos can be added straight from your phone. One photo can serve as a model headshot, which appears in the model release detail view, can appear next to the model’s name in the list view, and on some model release PDFs. Another photo can record a model’s photo ID, especially useful for photoshoots that include nudity.

snap and release model photo release list screenshot

View and manage

Managing and viewing your existing model releases is easy with Snap & Release. There are two useful ways to sort your model releases: chronologically, by photoshoot date, and alphabetically, by model name.

snap and release model release detail view screenshot

Model release details are displayed in an easy to read format, with all their information presented in one place.

As the number of your model releases grows, you can search your existing model releases by name or photoshoot.

If you need to delete a model release, just swipe to delete it from the list.


Create custom model release templates and include custom language in your releases.

Snap & Release includes releases in English, Spanish, and Italian. Quickly select the language used for your releases in the Options tab.

Generate PDFs

snap and release pdf preview of model photo release

Once you’ve added model photo releases, it’s simple to create and view completed PDFs of each of your model releases.

  • Save PDFs of your model releases to iCloud Drive and any other cloud storage services you have on your iPhone or iPad
  • Send PDFs of your model releases via Messages, Email, and other third party apps you have on your iPhone or iPad
  • Print model release PDFs directly from your iPad or iPhone (AirPrint printer required)


iCloud sync lets you access your model photo releases and model release templates across any of your iPhones and iPads.

Reuse information

snap and release screenshot of duplicating a model release

Snap & Release saves you time by having you enter photographer information once, then reusing it when you generate new model releases. Just enter your name, company, and contact information once and it will be displayed when generating PDFs of your model releases. And now you can add your signature with just the swipe of a finger.

Easily duplicate existing model releases by long-pressing on the release from the list. Then, choose which template you want to use and the model’s information will already be filled out.


At just $1.99, Snap & Release is a quality professional tool with straightforward, upfront, and honest pricing. There are absolutely no in-app purchases, no ads, no surprise fees, no subscriptions. When you buy Snap & Release, you get access to all the features and all future updates.

Download Snap & Release on the App Store today!

Coming Soon:

  • Additional model release languages
  • Property release templates