The Options tab of Snap & Release lets you enter your information for reuse on your model release forms and lets you change how Snap & Release displays and requires information.


Screenshot demonstrating Sort by Name and Show model headshots in list

Sort by: choose how the All Releases list view will sort the model releases, alphabetically (by last name) or by date.

Show model photos in list: when enabled, any model releases with headshots will show the headshot next to the model’s name in the list view.


Require all fields: when enabled, Snap & Release will require all fields other than Shoot Name and Shoot Description to be completed before a model release can be added. When disabled, only the model name, date of birth, signature, and witness signature are required.

Language: the language used for model release agreements

Manage Release Types: add and manage custom model releases templates

Photographer Info

The Photographer Info section displays the information you entered the first time you launched Snap & Release, and is used as the photographer name and contact information on all your photo releases. 

You can edit the information at any time by tapping the Edit Photographer Info button.

Photographer Signature

To add your signature, tap the Add Photographer Signature button, sign, and tap Save Photographer Signature.

To edit your signature, tap the Edit Photographer Signature button, sign, and tap Save Photographer Signature.

Your signature is used on all your photo releases.