Add a Model Release Template

In addition to the model release templates included in Snap & Release you can add your own custom model release templates.

Screenshot of Add Custom Release Template screen in Snap & Release

Tap on the Options tab, and under Releases tap on Manage Release Types.

To add a new custom release type, tap the add button at the top of the screen. Give your custom release a name, how you want it to appear in the list when adding a model release.

Select the language of your model release. For instance, a custom release type with a language set to English will only appear when the language is set to English in the Options tab.

If your model release is suitable for minors, enable the “Release is for Minors” option to require a parent/guardian signature. If your model release is for shoots that may contain nudity, enable the “Release for Shoots with Nudity (18+)” option, which verifies models are 18 or older. before adding the release.

Enter the release agreement at the bottom of the screen. (You can copy/paste text from another application.) When you’re done, tap Add.